Using a group of 97,075 images of Italian works of art represented in 8 of the PHAROS photoarchives, this tool examines the potential of visual searching in the pursuit of research.

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Frick Library Photoarchive

14,985 Artworks, 18,615 Images

Fondazione Zeri

18,987 Artworks, 31,095 Images

Villa I Tatti

11,480 Artworks, 16,514 Images

Bildarchiv Foto Marburg

3,653 Artworks, 7,367 Images

National Gallery of Art Library

3,635 Artworks, 9,601 Images

RKD: Netherlands Institute for Art History

4,623 Artworks, 5,676 Images

Bibliotheca Hertziana

3,503 Artworks, 7,894 Images

Kunsthistorischen Instituts in Florenz

176 Artworks, 313 Images